Surron Light Bee X Electric Bike Black


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Experience the thrills of the Sur-Ron Light Bee X Dirt eBike 2022 model!


Surron Light Bee X Electric Bike Black for sale. Zoom across all types of terrain and experience the exhilarating buzz that comes with riding the Light Bee. It can go up to impressive speeds of 75 kph, and can travel as far as 75 km.

You can do all the neat tricks and turns that you want because the Light Bee has a high-torque, ultra-powerful motor with a maximum speed of 4500 rpm. Its FOC vector controller uses a multi-curve compounding algorithm that provides you with better and more personalised control.

Even its 60V 40Ah Lithium-Ion battery adds to its powerful performance due to its high power load capacity and its cruising range (20% higher than standard).

Plus, the Sur-Ron has a superior G3 curved surface frame design! This forged aluminium alloy-framed dirt eBike features a custom-designed, lightweight DNM inverted front fork and an INTERSECT TR suspension system that makes your rides smoother and more enjoyable.

Surron Light Bee X Electric Bike Black for sale

The Light Bee also features an exclusive gold oil seal chain that increases the eBike’s load capacity, reduces maintenance frequency, and allows you to ride more stably than ever before. It even has custom-built, titanium-gold, four-piston brakes that vastly improve braking quality and force.

Not to mention that the Sur-Ron Light Bee comes with a thick, foam-filled saddle that can effectively cushion you while on rough, bumpy rides.

It even has an impressive hill climb ability of up to 35 degrees. Steep inclines are no match for this dirt eBike.

Climb up mountains and zoom through trails today with the Sur-Ron Light Bee Dirt eBike.


2 reviews for Surron Light Bee X Electric Bike Black

  1. Pascal

    Received my Surron a couple weeks ago and already put on hundreds of miles. It’s a blast and faster than I thought it would be. They shipped via FedEx and it came about a week later. Picked up a leather Luna seat and the Extenders since I am 6’1” 200 and it fits perfect.

  2. Joel

    Not disappointed any.. great product , arrived quicker than I expected. The Sur Ron X is still in a league of its own on nimbleness and a great platform for street or dirt.

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