Surron Light Bee S Youth Bike Blue


Let kids ages 10 and up experience the exhilarating rides you love with this youth electric dirt bike, the Light Bee S. Based on the favourite adult version, this bike is perfect for beginners and older kids who want the speed and action with a smaller sized dirt bike.

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Thrilling adventures for young explorers with the Sur Ron Light Bee S Youth Bike

Surron Light Bee S Youth Bike Blue for sale online. Due to the Sur Ron Light Bee S’s special design for them, young explorers can now accompany you on your exciting expeditions. Beginner riders, or kids 10 to 16-year-olds are sure to enjoy the incredibly powerful performance of this electric dirt bike, with top-of-the-line upgrades that make it as wicked as the original Light Bee!

If you’re more of a sprinter, this electric dirt bike can go as fast as 50 kph easily. But if you prefer going on long rides, you can go as far as distances of 70 km (*averaging 20 kph throughout the trip, distance may vary depending on factors like speed, terrain and rider weight).

Surron Light Bee S Youth Bike Blue for sale online

Thanks to its powerful 220 Nm Air-Cooled motor and FOC Squarewave controller, not only can you enjoy outstanding speed, but you can also crush hills of up to 25 degrees. Riding on your favourite dirt paths would be a piece of cake! Not to mention, this dirt bike is equipped with a high-performing 48V battery that lets you zoom to new distances with only a need for a short 4-hour recharge time.

And if you want to take your bike to the streets? You absolutely can! The Light Bee S is capable of all-terrain riding, meaning it can work phenomenally well on paved roads and rough trails. This isn’t even at the expense of your comfort

and ride quality because this junior Bad Boy comes with incredible front and rear KKE suspension.  Pair that up with 4-Piston hydraulic disc brakes and ultra-durable tyres, and you’re prepared for any type of rough-riding!

Plus, it’s lighter than the original at only 48 kg so it’s easier to bring along to your adventures. It even has its own digital speedometer so you can check out your stats in real-time. What more is there to say? This is an electric ride that adrenaline-loving youth will go crazy for!


5 reviews for Surron Light Bee S Youth Bike Blue

  1. Max

    Love my Sur Ron. did great with quick shipping.

  2. Charles

    Incredible customer support and ship times

  3. Carl

    Very good experience from order until delivery. Will definitely purchase more

  4. Denis

    I’ve been wanting this bike since high school watching countless videos online about it, fantasizing about myself riding the bike through the trails, and now 2 years after high school I pulled the trigger and purchased the surron and I couldn’t be anymore happy. This bike puts a smile on my face every time I ride it and honestly helped get me out of depression. The experience I had with Luna was great, great communication through email and timely delivery of the bike came in 1 week after purchase! Thank you for everything you do.

  5. Mike

    ordered a Sur Ron and other parts. Everything went fine! Recommended

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