Surron Light Bee L1E Electric


Prepare for a breathtaking and intense riding experience with the Sur-Ron Light Bee L1E (Road Ready Model) Expect nothing less than spectacular as this new e-motorbike takes you on a wild ride that you’ll surely love!

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Experience the power and speed of the beastly Sur-Ron Light Bee L1E Electric Motorbike (Road Ready)

Buy Surron Light Bee L1E Electric online cheap. The Light Bee L1E comes equipped with a powerful 5000W Brushless DC motor that provides a staggering top speed of up to 75 km/h. No doubt, that will leave any competitor in the dust! What’s more, it features the Sine Wave – X Controller which allows for higher efficiency, better precision, and a smoother ride all around. All the while being less quiet compared to other e-bikes.

Its battery unit is not to be left behind as it packs the removable 32Ah Panasonic Li-Ion that can take you the super extra mile as it allows for an insane range of 100 km (varies depending on conditions). Plus, its charge time is just 3.5 hours with a fast charger. That’s just absolutely the next level that’ll have you enjoy the challenging trails for hours on end without worries!

Buy Surron Light Bee L1E Electric online cheap

And that’s not all. Despite all its might, the Light Bee L1E is comfortable to ride with its front and rear suspension. With increased grip and stability, you won’t be stressed out by losing control as you dash through the tracks. Surely, it’s built for absolute punishment from the off-road!

It doesn’t matter where you ride, whether you’re on hills, deserts, dirt tracks, or the grass – the L1E’s power can conquer them all. Are you ready to confront the toughest territories and experience an electrifying ride? The Light Bee L1e is at your service!

Important Notice: Kindly note that colours and decals may differ slightly from what is shown in the picture.


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  1. edmond

    Sur-ron X is the best thing I’ve ever purchased. Unbelievable fun on this thing every single day. Half mountain bike and half motorcycle, but at the same time neither. Luna has been an awesome retailer to deal with. 😎

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